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Sourcing a production coordinator
in the United Kingdom

An important part of a successful production is sourcing a reliable production coordinator in the UK. This is crucial for when you need to change locations, for example, during your project. Your coordinator will enable you to get to your desired outcome faster. They can also outsource other personnel for you, like a journalist fixer, should you need one. The United Kingdom is one of the most offering destinations in the world when it comes to media production.


One of the largest cities in Europe, London is a favourite for production crews for all sorts of media productions. A local scout in London will help you find those suitable spots for your project, be it a high-rise building in Liverpool Street, a hidden gem of a restaurant in Camden Town, or a piece of green grass in Kensington Gardens. Your production coordinator in the UK will also help you in finding the right spots for your shots.


Yorkshire is one of the 39 historical counties in the UK. With a vast array of big cities within its borders, such as Manchester, Leeds, or Liverpool, this region is ideal for commercial or corporate video productions. Yorkshire is also famous for its national parks, complete with picturesque English villages and neverending pathways through beautiful forests. Ask your production coordinator in the UK for locations recommendations in the region, based on the nature of your project and its objective.

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Isle of Wight

The largest island in the United Kingdom after the mainland, the Isle of Wight is famous for its gorgeous scenery, mild climate, and inviting beaches. It’s been a favourite of Englishmen and women as a holiday destination since the Victorian era. You can hire a journalist fixer while on the island. This professional will put you into contact with the locals, who will be more than glad to share their stories about farm life, pollution-free stargazing, The Great Outdoors, and many more with you and your crew.


Famous for incredible wine and some of the most beautiful gardens in the United Kingdom, Surrey is a guaranteed hit for any production looking for a good place to shoot. A location scout will be able to provide deeper insight into where to find the most attractive places for your production. One advantage of filming in Surrey, besides the natural beauty, is the fact that the area is one hour away by train from central London.



Located in the Western part of the UK, Bristol is at the centre of four counties, and the right place to choose as headquarters for any media production in the region. Ask your location scout for the right places to film while here. Together with your production coordinator in the UK, you will be able to schedule filming days easier, at some of the local landmarks. These include Clifton Suspension Bridge, Cabot Tower, We The Curious Museum, and many more.

Finding the right location scout in the United Kingdom

British Fixer, through our local team of service providers in the United Kingdom, can assure detailed advice on where you and your crew should film. We can provide advice based on the facts and figures that will help shape your project. Our production coordinator in the UK has helped crews put together itineraries with various locations for all of the types of media productions you can think of.

Because of this, British Fixer knows we can provide those locations in the UK you need and want to shoot, simply because we are trained to match the needs of a shoot with the right place where to film, making picking locations for your project a straightforward process. Whenever you are ready to start looking for the right locations for your next shoot in the UK, let us know. Send us an email and a representative of British Fixer will get in contact with you soon.

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