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Filming in the United Kingdom

The Right Fixer in the United Kingdom

Filming in the United Kingdom relies on many different elements coming together. Sorting out your visa, film permits, figuring out tax rebates, and finding the right fixers for your project, to mention a few. When you reach out to us, one of the first things we will recommend you do is hire a fixer in the UK. This person, trained to be able to suit your needs when filming here, is an important part of any shoot. He will be your helping hand while you are here, working on your media production.

Visa for the United Kingdom

Filming in the United Kingdom is an activity that doesn’t imply a special visa. Based on the new non-EU status of the kingdom, you are allowed to spend up to 6 months in the country without a visa. This is a general rule and it stands for most countries, yet for some, there is a visa requirement to be met. Check out the visa requirements based on your citizenship before heading to the United Kingdom.

Film Permits in the United Kingdom

The authorities of the United Kingdom may ask you to obtain film permits before shooting in a specific place. Ask your fixer in the UK about the current law regarding this aspect. As a general rule, especially when filming in London and other areas of great public interest, your crew will be required to have a permit. Make sure you either need a permit or not before shooting, by having your fixer ask the London Borough Film Service, for example, about it.

Special equipment renting info

Transporting your entire set of cameras and gear to the United Kingdom may prove to be an unnecessary step. Our film fixer at British Fixer is collaborating with local gear stores. We have partners in London and all major cities in the country. This way, you and your filming crew are always supplied with the appropriate equipment. In the case of drones, you can fly them over the UK. However, the right way to do it is by hiring a local filmmaker who has already obtained the necessary permits.

Cultural facts

While at the chapter about rules and regulations, it’s important to mention that getting your film permits in the UK is not the only rule you have to follow while here. There are many cultural realities the UK is known for. For example, tea is the most consumed drink in the country, and most people stop for a cup at 5 in the afternoon. Also, driving in the UK is on the left side of the road. As a pedestrian, look to the left when crossing the road.

Weather when filming in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a country receiving high quantities of precipitations regularly. Almost every other day, you are sure to get rain when in the UK, according to official weather data. The right way to solve this issue when filming in the UK is to schedule your indoor shoots and outdoor filming accordingly, based on weather forecasts. The good part about filming here is that temperatures are mild almost throughout the year, except for wintertime.

Tax rebate in the United Kingdom

If you are a British filmmaker, the British Film Commission will be able to provide up to 25% in tax rebates at the end of your production. If you are coming from outside the United Kingdom, ask your fixer in the UK about what are the latest tax rebate laws for foreign crews. International producers need to qualify for the tax incentive before they can claim their monetary reward for a project.

Filming in the United Kingdom

Filming in the United Kingdom begins with us helping you sort out the visa requirements and other documents regarding your future stay in the country. Then, alongside your fixer in the UK, you will determine if you need film permits for the locations you are going to shoot, and how to obtain them as easily as possible.

The next step is figuring out reliable sources for equipment rental, should you need a piece of gear while on the ground. Don’t forget about tax rebates, which can reduce the overall costs of your production considerably when filming in the United Kingdom. If you’ve decided on starting your media production here in the United Kingdom, let us help you. Send us an email with a brief description of your project.

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